Physical health is defined as the overall well-being of the body. By focusing on diet, exercise, sleep/rest, and preventative health care, you can increase your physical health.

Taking Control of Your Physical Health Can Feel Overwhelming

Here are some tips that can help you get started:

1. Start Small

Doing a major overhaul all at once is hard to sustain long-term. Instead, make one or two small changes until they become habits. Try small steps like swapping out soda for water (try adding some fresh fruit for a flavor change) or taking a quick, 10-minute walk several times a week. Once you feel comfortable with this change, add in another one and keep going.

2. Be Accountable

It can be really easy to slip back into old habits if there is no accountability. Finding an accountability partner can be great, but if it’s someone really close to you they may not be able to get tough when you need it. Joining a fitness class, working with a personal trainer, or finding a group online are all really great ways to check in and stay on track.

3. Don’t Give Up

There’s no doubt about it, everyone has off days and slip ups. Even the most dedicated, healthy, fitness-focused person is going to have times where they aren’t following their plan. The difference often comes down to how they handle those slip-ups. If you find yourself falling back into old patterns, that’s okay! Just move on and start again.

Support for Your Physical Health Journey

We have a ton of resources to help you on your health journey so you don’t have to go it alone. If you are looking for a fitness plan you can stick to, or healthy eating habits that fit into your life, we are here to help!

Jamie Hurdle, Owner of Live. Love. Keto.