Bookkeeping Services

Based in Colorado, Tax Time CPAs is a full-service accounting firm offering detail-focused and stress-reducing bookkeeping services to businesses of all types and sizes.

Your Excel spreadsheets and accounting software aren’t cutting it anymore, but you can’t afford a staff accountant. Where does that leave you when your business needs to do its bookkeeping? It leaves you looking for bookkeeping services. And now, you’ve found them.

From managing budgets and financial statements to overseeing accounts receivable and accounts payable, our CPA firm can handle your bookkeeping needs from top to bottom. That way, you can focus on what matters most: running and growing your business.

Colorado small business bookkeeping service
Colorado small business bookkeeping service


Our Bookkeeping Services

What, exactly, can Tax Time CPAs do for your business? It’s much more than data entry. These are some of the bookkeeping services you can expect from our firm:

Books set up. We can help you set up your financial reports and systems so they’re error-free and optimized from day one.

Cleanup. Are your books a mess? Not to worry — we can clean them up and get them working like a well-oiled machine.

Accounts payable. We’ll track all your liabilities so your suppliers stay satisfied.

Accounts receivable. We’ll make sure you have a full accounting of every client or customer who owes your business so your cash flow never suffers unnecessarily.

Bank reconciliations. An ongoing service to carefully monitor your bank statements and ensure they accurately match your books.

Inventory management. Complex supply chains and unique setups are no match our expert inventory management services.

General ledger management. It all comes together in the general ledger, and we will ensure it comes together accurately.

Payroll assistance. Payroll processing doesn’t have to be a headache or a strain on your staff. We can handle payroll from start to finish.

Tax services. We can reconcile your tax forms and provide tax planning insights as we update and manage your books daily. No more discrepancies on your tax return.

Colorado's Small Business Bookkeeping Service
Colorado's Small Business Bookkeeping Service
Colorado's Small Business Bookkeeping Service

Why Outsource Your Small Business Bookkeeping Efforts

You didn’t get this far with your business by making bad financial decisions, but now, the sheer number of financial decisions you must make daily is overwhelming.

When you realize you can’t handle it all yourself, you’re faced with a big question: hire a bookkeeper or outsource? For the vast majority of business owners, outsourcing is the answer. And there are several good reasons for that:

Scalability. If you hire an accounting clerk to oversee your books, they will work for you for 40 hours per week at most. What happens when your business grows? They’re overwhelmed, and you’re looking at another hire. On the other hand, our bookkeeping firm can scale your business and adapt to your needs as they evolve.

Cost. Any business owner who has hired an employee knows labor is expensive. It’s not just salary — you have the training, workers’ compensation, health insurance, paid time off, and other benefits to pay for. There’s no reason to pay for all of that when our expert bookkeeping firm can provide exactly what you’re looking for.

Accountability. As a business owner, you are where the buck stops when something goes wrong. So, if you hire an in-house bookkeeper, it’s on you if they make mistakes. On the other hand, our bookkeeping service has built a reputation for quality and remains fully accountable to your business.

Years of Experience

A beginner bookkeeper might be adequate for data entry and managing a general ledger, but is that good enough? You need a bookkeeper who can operate as a fractional CFO when you need them to, complete with robust financial services and advice for your business. You’ll only get that if you go with a bookkeeper with years of experience. 


Licenses and Certifications

Beware of exaggerated credentials when you’re looking for a bookkeeper. While not everyone can say they are a CPA, some may try to claim that they are bookkeepers without having the right licenses and certifications to back that claim up. That’s why you need to look closely at the credentials of any bookkeeping services provider you are considering. 

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