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We’re a full-service tax account firm offering Colorado’s small business owners a meticulous and comprehensive payroll service.. Whether you need payroll checks prepared with your employees’ vacation and sick days considered, payroll tax reports, or even custom payroll report services, you’ve come to the right place. 

No one can do it all, so the best leaders know how to delegate. The same concept applies to small businesses and busy startups. 

By and large, entrepreneurs are more successful when they’re realistic about which jobs can and should be performed in-house and which require expert assistance. You may pour hours and hours into doing your payroll each month, and there’s no guarantee it will be worth your time.

The time you spend on accounting takes you away from revenue-generating or business-growth tasks. This means doing payroll by yourself as a business owner may cause a loss of money and potential business growth.

Think of it this way — if your business doubled or tripled in size, would you still be able to do payroll yourself? Can you double or triple the size of your business if you’re doing payroll and having to keep up with tax laws yourself?

Luckily, there’s an easy solution. You can partner with our certified public accounting firm that knows all the ins and outs of payroll, its ever-shifting legality, and how to avoid potential payment headaches.

Colorado's small business payroll service (2)
Colorado's small business payroll service (2)


Our Payroll Services

Whether you’re launching a new business or trying to scale up, you probably don’t have time to be pouring over receipts, prepare tax forms, and research employment law. To us, these tasks are second nature and barely skim the surface of our offerings. Here are some things we can handle for you:

  • Electronic funds transfers (EFTs) and direct deposits
  • Printing of checks
  • Processing of W-2s, W-3s and 1099s
  • Payroll tax e-filing, payments, and compliance
  • Monthly, quarterly, and annual payroll tax reports
  • Employee- and department-specific payroll reporting
  • Insurance and other third-party withholding payments

We also offer a range of additional tax and accounting services, from financial planning for businesses to bookkeeping and part-time CFO assistance to litigation support. We can also accommodate a number of other financial needs — all you need to do is ask.

Colorado's Small Business Bookkeeping Service
Colorado's Small Business Bookkeeping Service
Colorado's Small Business Bookkeeping Service

Why Outsource Your Small Business Payroll Efforts

These days, there might be a software solution for every imaginable problem. Need software to help file your taxes? Take your pick. Need bookkeeping software that connects with your bank? There are dozens to choose from. However, if you’ve used any of these before, you know that accounting software is a tool meant to help, not replace, your accountant. 

A small disappointment isn’t a big deal when the stakes are low, but it’s a massive problem when you’re talking about something as crucial as payroll and the tax responsibility that comes with it. Here are some of the common mistakes that business owners can run into when an expert isn’t handling their payroll:

Under- or overpayments. Payroll mistakes don’t just impact an employee’s paycheck. They also affect any deductions and benefits they may have.

Misclassification. Full-time, part-time, temporary, and seasonal employees, as well as independent contractors, each has a different payroll classification. Misclassification can affect their benefits.

Poor record keeping. Employee information must be kept up to date not just for contact purposes but also for government reporting.

Confidentiality and security breaches. Privacy and data protection concerns are greater than ever. CPAs use best practices to minimize the risk of privacy breaches.

Employment and tax law. Staying current on employment law and legislation is necessary to avoid fines, penalties, and potential lawsuits.

Backing up payroll. Technology fails sometimes. Employers who fail to securely back up payroll information risk the loss of crucial information.

Not only do these common mistakes contribute to financial losses, but they can also land business owners in legal trouble. One of the safest ways to issue employee payments is by delegating payroll to a CPA who understands your business.

We Care About Your Success

If you’re unfamiliar with accounting, it may seem like all CPAs perform at the same level, regardless of pricing and the services involved. However, this is not the case; the quality of CPA payroll services ranges greatly between providers. Here’s how we are more reliable and valuable to your business.

We Consider and Study Your Industry

A business’ specific payroll needs depend largely on its sector, and not all CPAs have a broad wealth of knowledge. You need to find a CPA who specializes in your industry. At Tax Time CPAs., we offer financial services for many industries, including construction, dental services, healthcare, hospitality, law firms, manufacturers, and real estate, among many others.

We Outline Your Expectations

It doesn’t matter what type of professional you’re dealing with — if you don’t outline clear expectations, you’ll probably be disappointed. One of the best ways to ensure a CPA is a good fit for your payroll needs is by mapping out your expectations and asking if they can accommodate them. That way, there are no surprises, and each party knows exactly where the other one stands.

A CPA You’re Comfortable With

Few things are as personal as finances, so your relationship with your CPA is so important. Rather than a transactional arrangement, your partnership with a payroll services provider should be based on understanding, excellence, and a desire to see your business succeed.

Payroll shouldn’t occupy your days. You have more important things to worry about. Unfortunately, you can’t ignore payroll if you hope to keep your employees working for you for a very long.

Why we are the best payroll choice

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